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Moving Essentials That You Need to Pull Off a Successful Move

Moving is a stressful time but being prepared helps mitigate some of that stress. Maybe this is your first big move, or maybe your last move did not go as well as planned. Either way, getting the essentials in hand before the moving truck arrives is your key to success. Let’s consider what you might need to purchase or rent before the big day.


There are two things to consider when purchasing moving boxes: size and quantity. First, know that the giant boxes can only be used for lightweight objects; an extralarge box filled with books or kitchen appliances will be too heavy to lift. Consider using this chart from Olympia Moving to calculate how many boxes and which size boxes you will need based on the size of your household.


Over time, the adhesive material from old rolls of tape breaks down and becomes less reliable. Which is why it is important to buy a new roll along with a handheld tape dispenser (such as the one depicted here). A dispenser will save you from the pain of having to find the invisible edge of the tape roll and a pair of scissors every time you want to seal up a box. If several people are helping you move, consider buying multiple dispensers and a large pack of replacement rolls so that no time is lost passing the tape between rooms.

Bubble Wrap

Even if you carefully repurpose all your blankets and towels as packing material, you will still need something more delicate for wrapping items such as wine glasses and fine China. This is where bubble wrap comes in. It is sold in giant rolls at most hardware stores and is reusable.

Mattress Bag

This is one essential that often gets forgotten until the last minute. Save yourself the pain and buy this one in advance. The plastic material protects your mattress from the grease and grime of the moving truck. You can find one at any moving specialty store and many hardware stores.

Poster Markers

Don’t forget to label both the top and side of each box. This way you will be able to read the labels even while the boxes are stacked. Buy poster markers for this purpose. A wide tip felt marker (like this one) will make your notes easily visible.


Dollies can be rented from hardware stores and moving specialty stores. They give you the ability to move several heavy items at once with minimal strain on your body. If you are hiring a mover, they will bring their own dollies to load the truck.

Try to get a good night’s sleep the night before and have everything packed and organized before the moving truck arrives. On the big day, don’t forget to stay hydrated and to keep healthy snacks on hand. Working on an empty stomach would be miserable and inefficient. With these essentials, your move should go smoothly. Now get out there and conquer this move!

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