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Moving in any circumstance is hard. When you move by yourself, it’s just you, so it may not be so bad. When you move with your family, it’s a little bit harder. But when you move a business, it can be very complicated.


Depending upon your business, you may have extremely heavy and large equipment to pack up and move, or delicate equipment that requires specialized care. Maybe you sell expensive or delicate inventory or work with dangerous chemicals. Then, add in the human element of colleagues and employees, all with their own worries, fears and opinions about the relocation. If you decide to have all employees team up and work together to get the job done, you could be risking long-term financial problems and high expenses, with work lost due to injury or even a law suit. Can you really expect a guy who has been doing your IT to know how to pack up and move a huge piece of manufacturing equipment or move an executive desk? Even if he does go to the gym and is built like a linebacker, he doesn’t have the training to do the job. Any more than a moving guy has the training to do your IT. As a business person, you know workers should be matched to jobs, based on their skill. That’s why it is very prudent to hire an office moving service to move your business.


Cheap Movers Baltimore is here to help you find the right fit, the moving service that will provide exactly what you need to make your transition as smooth as possible. All the companies that we represent are fully vetted, insured, and licensed.

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What Can a Commercial Moving Service Do for You?

Just let us know what you need moved and where you are going, and we can provide you with the right service for your business.


Local Moves

Whether you are moving your business down the street or a town over, you will need special equipment, trucks, and people power. Professional movers provide heavy duty hand trucks, top-quality dollies, forklifts, and even cranes, if necessary, to get your business assets safely moved to the next location.


Long Distance Moves

A lot more complex than a local move, a long-distance move requires hammering out lots of logistics before moving day. An interstate office moving company will help you with every detail, providing a single point of contact to manage your move from start to finish. These professional crews are trained to navigate all the complications of moving a business from one part of the country to the other. With their help, you can expedite the moving process and get back to doing business that much faster.



Sometimes your plans for moving out and the start of your company’s new lease may not line up. Moving and storage companies provide storage and warehousing, either on their property or storage units convenient to them. If you have to move and store everything and then move it again to your new location, that’s two moves! Get a moving company to make both moves for you.


Specialty Moves

Do you sell fine art or antiques? Do you run a lab with highly specialized, delicate equipment? Do you own a hospital or medical office? Do you own a bookstore full of books, both old and new? Do you sell cars or boats or other large vehicles? Specialty movers can help with any and all of these types of moves and more. Be sure to let us know about any special items you have to move, so we can accurately match you with a specialty mover in your area.


Corporate Relocations

Moving your equipment and supplies is just one part of the relocation; moving your people is another. If you are moving long distance, whether in-country or internationally, you would do well to consider a corporate relocation service – a moving service that specializes in helping employees transition as easily as possible. These moving specialists help with all aspects of relocation. They can provide real estate services to sell an employee’s existing home, help them find a new home, and secure temporary housing. They also assist with packing and transporting your employees’ belongings, so they have less to worry about with the relocation.

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How to Make Your Business Relocation Go Smoothly

Apart from hiring a service that will meet the specialized needs of your business move, there are a few things you can do to relieve stress and make the change as pleasant as possible on the entire office.



Nothing makes an already stressful situation more stressful than waiting until the last hour. Make plans, stay on course, and keep the schedule as close to the plan as possible. This isn’t like an apartment move, where you can wait until the night before to pack. A business move is much larger and more complicated, with additional people involved that you need to consider.


Purge and Toss

Keep shredders handy, and post or email document retention rules, so employees have a guide for knowing what they must pack. Make trash bags and bins available, and, if you must, schedule extra trash pick ups with your waste removal service or have them provide a couple extra dumpsters in the weeks leading up to moving day.


Make a “Share” Pile

This pile serves as a place for everyone to put supplies that they don’t need or want. Do this before and after the move. Many times, one person has too many staplers and another has a collection of scissors and so on. This way, you can recycle underused items within the office.


Take Pictures

Before and after pictures are fun, to see the progress being made. Also, if higher ups are not where they can see progress in person, they can receive the pictures by email. When disconnecting equipment, take pictures of the assembled parts, up close, so you can see how parts and pieces go back together. Also snap some fun employee pictures to keep morale up.


Label Everything

Label all boxes with the contents and intended destination. Label connections on equipment, so the connections can be easily made again, without guesswork or fumbling with manuals. Be sure to package small parts and securely tape them to the equipment to which they belong. Label cords, cables and wires of all types. Your staff will thank you later for this attention to detail.


Provide a Moving Reprieve

Provide lunches, coffee breaks, and other fun events to boost everyone’s spirits during this stressful time.


These are just a few ideas to help make your office move easier. Contact Cheap Movers Baltimore today, to find a service that is just right for moving your business, whether your relocating down the block or to the other coast.

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