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You have made the decision – your prospective home in Towson MD is yours, the papers are signed, and the deal is made. Now comes the hard part, moving in. If you have not already decided, you need to determine which part of the move you will handle and which part you will have a moving service do. Then, search for movers who will provide you with the exact services you need, so you can bundle all the services into one package. Be sure you know what services you want or need when you are getting estimates. Cheap Movers Baltimore can help you find companies that will meet all your needs, while being reliable and inexpensive. Request free quotes from the area’s top moving companies today through one simple online form!

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What to Know About Towson Before Relocating Here

Like the rest of Baltimore, Towson has a rich history. This town was originally settled by two brothers, William and Thomas Towson in the 1700s. While the main industry back in those days was agriculture, today most Towson residents either commute to desk jobs in Baltimore or work for one of the companies in town. This community of just over 50,000 residents is also the Baltimore County seat, boasts two universities – Towson University and Goucher College. Thanks to these institutions, many people start living there as college students and never move out.


There are several excellent reasons to settle in this area. Housing is prolific: houses, apartments, high rises, garden or townhouse style. Shopping is a breeze with every American’s favorite stores, from Safeway and Trader Joe’s to Walmart and Target to Bed, Bath & Beyond and Marshall’s. Towson also boasts of the largest mall in Maryland, much to every shopaholic’s delight. Towson also has a spectacular Spring Festival, with a huge range of attractions including crabcake vendors, jewelry vendors, art dealers, and more. Overall, Towson is a fun, quirky town where you never know what you might find.


Maybe you are a college student moving into a small apartment or townhouse or a senior citizen who is contemplating downsizing. Or perhaps you are part of a family looking for a quiet suburban life, not too removed from cultural centers. No matter what your reason for moving in Towson, Cheap Movers Baltimore can get you to your destination and set up with minimal stress and strain on your mind, body, and wallet. We put you in contact with local moving services that will help ease the burden, because they have the know-how and the equipment to cater to your exact needs. Not all moves are equal, so the moving service you choose must have everything you need to execute an efficient move.

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Moving Services That You Can Trust

Maybe you are moving from one part of Towson to another or perhaps you are relocating here from California, New York, or another part of the country. No matter your origin or destination, we help you find moving services that have exception reviews. All movers in our network are vetted, licensed, and insured to protect your belongings in the event of damage. Find the service you need for your upcoming move:


Short Distance & Local Moves

For short moves, a local mover provides the most efficient relocation service because they know the local traffic patterns, parking situations, how to deal with management offices, and local ordinances about loading and unloading.


Long Distance Moves

If you’re moving in from across country, you will need a long distance mover, who is specially licensed by the FMCSA for interstate travel. Moving with a US DOT-approved moving company (the only type of company we work with) helps to protect you during the moving process.


Piano Moving

If you need a piano mover, be sure to choose a service that specializes in this type of relocation. Pianos are not just other pieces of furniture; they are delicate instruments requiring gentle care.



During a relocation you might require storage for all your belongings because things may not go as smoothly as you would like them to. Be sure you choose a mover with storage on-site or off-site. Since you will be moving twice (once to the storage facility and once to your new home), having a mover help with the whole process is much better than doing it all yourself.


Senior Relocations

If you are a senior citizen planning a move, or you are helping a family member who is elderly, then you may want to choose a senior mover. These moving specialists can assist with downsizing and helping with the unique issues associated with this type of move. We help you find a compassionate mover for this delicate situation.


From Hourly Moves to Full-Service Moves

When you gather the names of movers to get estimates, consider all the services that you would like them to cover. If you can only afford to pay someone to load, cart and unload your boxes and furniture, then you need an hourly moving service. On the other hand, if you want someone to do everything, like packing all your worldly goods, preparing all your furniture, and then setting up and unpacking all your possessions upon arrival, then you will need to find a full-service mover. Cheap Movers Baltimore can help you find a service that will be cheap, reliable and fit your needs, saving you aggravation, time, and especially money.


Contact us today for names of reliable, cheap moving companies in the Towson, MD area. Let the movers we recommend get you into your new home, minimizing your stress and exhaustion, leaving you to be able to enjoy your first days in your new neighborhood.

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