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It’s exciting to move to an entirely different part of the country. Everything is new and unfamiliar. But though it’s an adventure, moving can also be a colossal project as you move your life to a completely unfamiliar town or city. You may want to pack things yourself and then have a service help you, or you may spring for a full-service relocation package to take care of your move from beginning to end. Either way, to make the transition as easy as possible, Cheap Movers Baltimore can provide you with the names of reputable state-to-state movers, who specialize in long distance moves. The movers in our network are fully vetted, licensed, and insured to give you the very best a moving service can provide, without the headaches and expense of doing it yourself.

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What to Expect When Moving Long Distance

When you move long distance, you must plan ahead, even more so than when you move locally. For instance, when you move across town, you might be able to move lighter things or smaller items yourself at your leisure. You also have the advantage of spontaneously going to your new neighborhood and familiarizing yourself with who and what is there. But when you move out of state, other than going to visit on weekends or taking some vacation time to explore, you are walking into completely unfamiliar territory, which alone can be daunting.


To ensure you have the best relocation experience possible, be sure start planning at least 3 to 4 months in advance. If possible, you may want to move during the off-season, so you will have the necessary help when it is time (and it will cost less). To make the transition easier, have a plan for what you are going to bring and what you either have to give away, throw away or sell. If you are a pack rat, the move will be more expensive if you have them move all that stuff that you never did, and probably never will do anything with. Have a floor plan for your furniture placement and be sure you know the passageways and stair wells of your new house. For example, some old houses have sharp curves on stairs, which makes bringing large pieces of furniture up and downstairs very complicated and sometimes impossible. Narrow doorways or tight entrance areas can add complications to bringing in couches and large pieces of furniture. A reputable long distance moving service can help you with planning these details and more. Cheap Movers Baltimore can give you a list of interstate movers that can provide all different types of services to meet your needs:


Apartment and Home Moving

Whether you are moving from an apartment to a house or vice versa, state-to-state moving services can ease the burden of hauling your belongings from one state to another. They know the highways, traffic patterns, and local roads.


Office Relocations

Running a business is stressful enough, without adding an out-of-state relocation. Maybe you decided to move your own business or maybe corporate decided to move your branch and left you to execute it. Whatever the case, we can provide moving professionals to cart your office furniture, documents, supplies, and equipment, wherever you need to go, whether the next state over or across the country. While you run your business or do your regular job to keep the revenue flowing, the moving professionals can take care of what they do best.


Furniture Movers

Bumping around in a too hot or too cold truck for hours can be hard on furniture. You need a reputable service who can wrap and pad your belongings in such a way as to minimize the impact of bumps and extreme temperatures. They will know how to care for all types of furniture, including those with glass, fine wood, or leather.


Piano Moving

Piano moving is a specialty of its own. There are so many moving parts, joints, connections, fine-tuned strings, pedals, and keys. A piano mover will know the best way to secure and protect all these pieces and parts for a long, bumpy ride.



Sometimes move-in dates do not correspond with your move-out timeline, leaving you in a lurch to find a place for your things. By including storage in the contract with your mover, you could save a lot. Many mover facilities provide storage as a part of their services. They will move your belongings and store them until your new home is ready.


Full Service Moves (including Packing and Unpacking)

If you love the idea of a new home or new office and hate the idea of doing all that work to get there and get settled, you can have a moving service do it all for you, from packing to moving to unpacking. You have to let them know what, when and where and then leave the rest to them. They will know how to do it all, from packing stacks of books to packing fine china. Full services movers will provide the boxes and the packing material, so no need to scavenge liquor stores or stow away packing material from every online purchase you make.

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How to Plan for a Smooth Out-of-State Transition

Moving long distance requires impeccable organization. While you could possibly get away with the last-minute bagging of dirty dishes and cramming all your clothes into the back seat of your car when you are just moving a town over, you cannot afford to leave anything to the last minute when you go long distance. You need to have all the details set like clock-work, so that the only thing left for you to do on the day you move is to put yourself and your family and pets into your transportation of choice. Here are some tips for a smooth transition:


  • Get a moving checklist: Use it every day to stay on top of all the necessary tasks. 
  • Do a home inventory: Go from room to room and make a list of all items, marking each to sell, give away, throw away or keep. This inventory will also be helpful if you need to make future insurance claims. 
  • Hire a long-distance moverMake sure you do this months in advance. Compare them against each other, not just dollar for dollar, but based on the services they provide. Use Cheap Movers Baltimore to easily compare rates from multiple movers.
  • Do a price comparison: Don’t just have the service do sight unseen pricing. Get an in-home consult and have the moving companies give you a real estimate, so you can compare apples to apples.
  • Think twice about moving furniture: Price compare moving existing furniture (especially if it is big and bulky) against buying new furniture once you get there. Having your estimates from the moving services will help with this.
  • Make sure your whole family is prepared: Look up information about moving with kids to aid your children with the transition, especially if you’re moving to a completely new part of the country.
  • Plan for your pet(s): Your pets are part of your family, and it won’t be too long before they sense something big is happening. It’s wise to take a trip to the vet to ensure good health and get some advice about traveling with your pet. If you cannot bring them with you, then find them a good home. Be sure to research pet-friendly airlines, as well as hotels, that will accommodate your pet as you make the journey to your new home. 
  • Plan for your vehicle: Whether you drive it or ship your vehicle, you need to plan. If you plan on driving, be sure to have your vehicle thoroughly serviced. If you plan on having it transported, you will have to arrange for that detail also. You can find auto transport companies right here at Cheap Movers Baltimore too!
  • Pack smart and pack safe: If you decide to pack your own items, then plan way ahead. Pack items you don’t need every day first. Set aside what you will want to have available up to the day before or morning of your move. The rest can be packed in increments of least needed to most needed. Tape the bottom and sides of each box, whether they are sturdy or not. When packing delicate items, put a layer of bubble wrap or wadded newspaper on the bottom and leave room for some at the top. Don’t be cheap with bubble or soft wrap when wrapping delicate pieces. Pack them firmly and stuff soft packing material into any spaces to avoid shifting. Also pad around the walls of the box to protect items from any impact to the sides of the box. Tape the top and sides of the box top and write “Fragile, This Side Up” on boxes that contain breakables.
  • Prepare your furniture: You want your moving professionals to be able to work efficiently when they come. If you don’t choose to have them pack and prepare everything for you, then you have to do it. Be sure all drawers are emptied. Keep the drawers out and wrap them if they are fine wood. Take out shelves. Remove all shelf supports (if they are removable) and put them in a safe, easy to find place. Secure the doors. The moving service can provide you with the best advice for preparing your specific furniture during your in-home consultation.

Wherever you are going, Cheap Movers Baltimore can provide affordable movers who can get you across country or over the state line with minimal stress on you. Contact us for a free estimate. 

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