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Hiring a moving company is a confusing and potentially expensive prospect. How do you know who you can you trust to move all your hard-earned possessions from one place to the next? Hiring the wrong movers could lead to a regretful experience making you think “Wow, I could have done this myself!” Some movers charge way too much for their services, others are careless and break things, while some are disorganized and do not operate their business well, making your move a frustrating experience.


Getting everything you own from one place to another is undoubtedly a monumental task, but we don’t think hiring a moving service should be. Cheap Movers Baltimore brings you Columbia area movers that that are reviewed and vetted to ensure they are licensed and carry insurance to cover any damage that may occur in the process of packing, moving, unloading and setting up. These companies have proven that they can get the job done right and at affordable rates. If you need a moving company, to move into or out of Columbia, MD contact us to assist you in your search. All moving quotes through our system are free!

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Moving to Columbia – The Next America

Money Magazine has rated Columbia, MD one of the top places to live in the United States – a surprise to no one who lives here. In comparison to its “great grandfather” Baltimore, this planned community is relatively new. Developed in 1967, the community’s vision was to attract families by providing good schools and bring in businesses that wanted educated and qualified employees. Divided into 10 self-contained villages, each village is comprised of several neighborhoods and a central area with a middle or high school. All the villages include a shopping center, recreational facility, a community center, bike/walking path system, and homes. Some of the villages have “interfaith centers” which are worship facilities owned and jointly operated by a variety of religious congregations who work together to maintain the facilities. Columbia boasts of its beauty, inclusiveness, culture, diversity and recreational options, providing outstanding schools and library systems, safe living with low crime rates, and excellent proximity to both Baltimore and Washington D.C. For rest and recreation, Columbia boasts of numerous parks, the Robinson Nature Center, Clark’s Elioak Farm, The Mall in Columbia, and a host of other activities. With all this area offers, it is no wonder it’s rated one of the top places to live.


If you’ve decided to move to or within the Columbia area, Cheap Movers Baltimore can help you find just the right moving company to manage your relocation. In the long run, using a quality moving service with reasonable rates will save you money, time and aggravation, as well as help to maintain friendships and family relationships.

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Local & Long Distance Moving Services

Though moving to Columbia might be an easy decision, transporting your goods to your new home isn’t quite as simple. Thankfully, Columbia’s top moving companies are here to make your relocation easier:


Local Movers

If you already live in Columbia and are planning a short distance move to another village or neighborhood, you should hire a local moving service that’s familiar with the area. Hiring a mover that’s knowledgeable about the area’s traffic patterns and where and when parking and loading/unloading are allowed can help expedite the process.


Long Distance Movers

If you are relocating to Columbia from another state or from across the country, you will need to find a long-distance mover or an interstate mover. These specially licensed movers know how to pack your belongings for the “long haul.”


Specialty Items

Maybe you just need to have someone move your piano to another room in your house or to transport appliances to another home. Most professional movers have the equipment needed to move large or bulky items like pianos, appliances, hot tubs, and pool tables.


Senior Moving

For seniors, moving to a new home is daunting task. Senior moving specialists help senior citizens transition into a senior living community or to downsize into an assisted living apartment.


Full-Service Moves

Many movers let you customize your move with the services you need. You can pick and choose from packing, furniture prep, storage and of course, moving. You can get a full-service package that includes everything, or you can bundle just the services you don’t want to do yourself. Whatever combination you choose, bringing in a moving service to help with all or part of your move can save you money, time and aggravation.



You may need to be out of your current home at the beginning of the month, but the home you are buying isn’t quite ready. In this case, you can work with a moving and storage company to transport your items to their own storage facility, where they can hold them until your new place is move-in ready.


Contact us today to receive the names of reputable, responsible, and inexpensive moving services in the Columbia, MD area. All moving quotes are free, enabling you to easily compare rates and choose the mover that works for you!

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