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It’s happening! You are going to move: pack up your life’s goods, carry, drag, pull, and heave boxes, furniture and bags into cars and trucks. Then do the reverse upon arrival to your new home. This is not the way you want to enjoy time with friends and family, even if you provide them with meals and money. No amount of friendship and moral support from those closest to you will relieve the stress and exhaustion you experience when you move. But moving is exciting too. You have an entirely new place to set up, and a new neighborhood, town or state to get to know. If you are moving a few houses over on your block, across the state or beyond, Cheap Movers Baltimore is here to help match your moving needs with fully vetted, licensed and insured moving services in the Annapolis area. They can customize a plan for all your moving needs, from moving your antique piano to doing everything for you, so all you have to do is drop your last-minute things in a couple of bags, hop in your car, and go to your new home.

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Moving to Annapolis, MD

In 1708, a little village named Annapolis, Maryland was incorporated as a city. This tiny city saw a lot of history. The building of the Maryland State House was started in 1772 and the Maryland legislature met there for the first time in 1779, and to this day, they still do. Its most prominent physical feature is the largest wooden dome built without nails in the United States of America. After the Treaty of Paris was signed in 1783, Annapolis became the nation’s capital, making it the first peacetime capital of the United States.


Today, Annapolis is home to many historical sites and museums that recount its storied past. The Banneker-Douglass Museum is in the Mount Moriah Church, which showcases the history of African Americans in Maryland. Preble Hall is home to the U. S. Naval Academy Museum, founded in 1845. Hammond-Harwood House built in 1774 is an exhibition of the architecture, decorating and furnishings of a mansion in the late colonial period. And last but not least, anyone who was alive in the 1970’s when Alex Haley released his book Roots (1976) and then the miniseries (1977), which had almost all of America gathered around their TVs, will appreciate the Kunta Kinte/Alex Haley memorial (completed in 2002). A sculpture of Alex Haley seated surrounded by children as they listen to him read, is set at the head of the city’s harbor, where his ancestor, Kunta Kinte first arrived in America aboard a slave ship.


Whether you are moving within this historical city or out of Annapolis, Cheap Movers Annapolis can help you with any or all your moving needs. We will lead you to helpful and responsible moving companies, where you can find very reasonable rates from fully insured, vetted and licensed movers. These Annapolis movers can take care of all categories of moves, from moving a handful of heavy items to a full-service move, where they take care of everything for you. Whether you’re navigating a move across the country to moving a piano into another room or onto another floor, we’re here to help!

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Best Moving Services in Annapolis MD

Your family and friends will thank you for finding a moving company. The best way to find one is to contact us, so we can provide you with recommendations for the area’s top licensed and insured companies. From there, you will get quotes for whatever services will fit your needs and budget. Choose from the following or speak with a moving representative to customize your relocation:


Piano Moves

As mentioned above, we can help with moving a piano, which is a very specialized kind of move, because pianos are not just another type of furniture. They have many moving parts and can easily be damaged by someone who does not know what they are doing or who does not have the correct equipment. Our piano moving experts know the proper techniques for properly disassembling, transporting and setting up your piano in your new home.


Appliance Movers

We can also provide you with names of reputable appliance movers. Like pianos, because of their inner workings, appliances are trickier to move than regular furniture. Professional movers have the equipment and lifting power to safely relocate your range, washer/dryer set, refrigerator, and more from one house to the next.



If you are caught in the unfortunate situation where you may need to move out before your new home is ready, we can provide movers who will pick up your furniture and belongings and safely store them until your “move in” day. And then they will move them to your new home. (Saving you from having to do two moves.)


Full-Service Moving

We can also provide you with full service movers who will pack all your items for you, prep all your furniture and then move it and set it all up for you. This is great if you are not physically fit, if you are disabled or if you work a lot and cannot afford big blocks of time needed to orchestrate a move.


Senior Movers

If you are a senior citizen, who is looking to downsize into an assisted living facility or a senior center, then we can provide you with senior moving experts, who specialize in caring for the needs of moving a senior citizen.


Apartment Moving

Moving into an apartment or condo complex can be an additionally frustrating experience, since there are rules for loading, unloading, elevator usage, specific time periods, holiday hours and parking. We can provide services that specialize in apartment moves and the company will work with the management office to make all the arrangements that you would have to make if you were on your own.


Local & Interstate Moves

Local to cross country, we have you covered, by providing you with the custom moving service that you need. The ones who have the right equipment and will get the job done well.


Whatever your moving needs, we look forward to receiving your call! Our agents are ready and waiting to help you find the moving company that fits your needs, without compromising your budget. Request your free moving quotes today via phone or form!

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