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How to Begin Unpacking Boxes After a Move

You’ve got your new home ready and all your belongings packed into boxes. They’re now sitting on the floor of your new home staring you in the face. Unpacking after a move can seem like trying to move a mountain, but don’t fret.

With a little organization and determination, you aren’t going to have any problems getting things cozy again. Here are a few simple rules Baltimore movers suggest when unpacking your new place.

Start with the Necessities

The first things you should unpack are the essentials. Think of items that you’ll have to use the same day regardless of whether you get done unpacking or not. Start with shower curtains, food, clothing, toiletries, medicine, and electronics. If there’s anything else you can remember that you absolutely can’t go without, then get that in its proper place first. At least then you’ll have everything ready if you need to take a break.

The Kitchen, Dining Room, and Bathrooms

The first section you should tackle is the kitchen. The reason you want to start here first is because this is usually the last room people unpack. You should nip this in the bud right away to avoid getting lethargic and having your house cluttered for days. Start with tables, chairs, and appliances.

You can work your way up to the smaller items like glassware and china. Always start from the biggest item to the smallest to avoid getting distracted. If you have anything left to unpack in the bathrooms like towels, decorations, and things you didn’t unpack when going through your essentials, then do that now.

The Living Room, Office, And Den

You should have already unpacked your televisions and computers for each room in the first step. Now you need to arrange the furniture starting with the living room. Don’t worry if you need to take more time to plan and lay out the furniture placement. Just take things at your own pace to avoid having to rearrange everything later. You should handle the wall decorations, pictures, and filling bookshelves last.

The Bedrooms

Don’t get out your comforters and pillows just yet. Place the furniture where you want it first. If you’re uncertain, try using a furniture arranging app to virtually play around with the layout. After that’s done, you can get your closets setup and organized. Don’t worry about putting up any keepsakes that are going to be stored away, just leave those things set to the side.

After you deal with the closet you’re going to want to setup your lamps and curtains. Next you can organize your drawers, fill shelves, and deal with your wall decorations.

The very last step of all at the end of the day when the house is completely unpacked is to make up your bed. There’s no better time to get some rest than after a long day of hard work. You deserve it.

Enjoy Your New Home

Hopefully the frustrations of moving aren’t getting to you. You’ve made it through this whole ordeal stronger and wiser. Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. After all, you have a new home and a new start!

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