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By far, the hardest part of moving is packing and unpacking all the stuff. Unless you are a conscious minimalist and keep clutter and belongings to only that which is necessary, you have a home full of stuff that needs to get boxed up before moving day. It could take days to sort through it all, pack it away, and label the boxes. Additionally, you may have a full-time job, a family to care for, or health issues that preclude you from getting it all done on your own.


If you need a hand and wish to bundle packing and unpacking services with your moving package, many full-service moving companies will oblige. Aside from saving precious time, using a moving service to pack means your belongings are insured; a mover will provide compensation if they damage any of your belongings. If you have delicate or special items, a moving service has the supplies and expertise that you may not have to help get your special belongings to your new home safely. Cheap Mover Baltimore can help connect you to the right moving service for your needs. Request a free quote now!

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Packing Services Available from Cheap Movers

Customize your move with the moving services you need:


Full Packing

From the attic to the basement and everywhere in-between, a full packing service will wrap, crate or box everything in your home and get it ready to go.


Partial Packing

Maybe you would prefer handling your clothes and books, but you want a moving service to handle everything else. Simply request a partial packing service.


Packing and Crating Antiques, Art & Collectibles

You can request a service to pack all those expensive and special items, because they have the expertise and knowledge of how to best pack and protect them.


Furniture Disassembly & Reassembly

This is a tedious task that you may want to have a moving company perform. You may not want to go through the hassle of taking apart and putting together your existing furniture or you may decide to buy completely new furniture when you get to your new home and not want to assemble it. Add this service to your moving package.


Packing for Storage

It takes care when packing to protect items in storage. Movers have the know-how to pack boxes to prevent damage to the items, especially when they are stacked. Professionals also know how to protect belongings from climate and temperature variables.



Just as with packing, a moving company can help unpack some of your items or unpack and set up your entire home.

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How to Pack Efficiently for Your Relocation

If you do decide to do your own packing, here are some tips from the pros:


Make sure you allow plenty of time to pack.

Packing is a much lengthier process than you might imagine. Months before your move, you should have items packed that you will not be using over the months up to moving day. Examples of these items include seasonal clothes, holiday decorations, books, DVDs, etc. Starting early will also give you time to sort through what you’d like to keep and what you should donate or toss.


Label everything.

Label boxes with lists of what is inside them and what room they belong in. Label cords, cables and chargers with the name of the device they belong to. (Ex. “Printer Cable – Dad’s HP Printer”)


Put heavy items in smaller boxes.

Books and paper products are heavy and should go in small boxes, especially if you are moving the items yourself. This will help you avoid back injuries and prevent the boxes from splitting open.


Pack a special box or bag for the day you arrive.

Your essentials box should include PJs, favorite snacks, toys for the kids (maybe a special surprise for them), toiletries, and anything else you might want to have the first night without having to dig through everything to get to it. All special boxes, “open first” boxes and the cooler should ride with the family, to avoid losing track of them.


Don’t forget your pets.

Pack a special box for your furry family members with their food, bowls, bedding, toys and kitty litter or cage bedding, to avoid having to go searching once you get moved in.


Snap a photo.

Take a picture of the back of your entertainment equipment with all the wires and connections in place. Label each connection either with words or color codes to match each cable and cord end with the exact location it belongs, without having to decipher tiny icons. Be sure to have pdfs of equipment manuals saved on your favorite portable device, tablet, laptop or phone, so you have them for reference.


Mark boxes you’ll need first.

The last items you use will be the first items you will want when you get there. After you pack them clearly mark them “Open First” and what room they belong in. Most likely, it will be your coffee pot, water kettle and microwave. Don’t forget to add filters, coffee, cups and sweetener to the box with your coffee pot. Add teabags, sweetener and cups with the water kettle.


Pack your food.

Have a large cooler containing a bag of ice to carry your refrigerator and freezer items (if you’re moving locally). Have healthy microwavable meals or snacks available for when you get to your destination. If you’re moving out-of-state, it’s best to get rid of your food before moving.


Prep for bedtime.

For each bedroom, place sheets, pillow cases and blankets in the dresser drawers that belong in that bedroom, so that each room can easily be prepared for a good first night’s sleep.


These are just a few ideas of what will help you make a pleasant and fun transition to your new home, whether you are alone or with your family and pets. Contact Cheap Movers Baltimore to find a moving service that will pack all or some of your items or assist you with disassembling and/or assembling your furniture. All quotes are free!

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