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Pros and Cons of Living in Annapolis MD

For many people, the idea of starting life afresh is intimidating. But Annapolis, Maryland, provides an excellent restart to find your true calling. Sandwiched by the rivers South and Severn, this thriving port brims with wealth and culture. It might not be as massive as Baltimore, yet it proudly houses the state capitol. Home to almost 40,000 residents, this place offers a satisfying mix of small-town living, outdoor fun, and adequate necessities.

If you’re looking for a change of pace, Annapolis will undoubtedly meet your expectations. However, it would be wrong to deem it perfect in every way. So before packing your home, here’s everything you need to know about the Athens of America.

Annapolis In General

Annapolis’s congenial atmosphere lies in its historic and straightforward design. The streets are kept well, and there’s no overgrowth of buildings. Infrastructures appear symmetric, yet you’ll notice different shades of culture in every corner. Curious about the drawbacks of the city? Here’s a little table that sums things up.


  • Small town vibe


  • Fantastic food scene


  • Healthy economy


  • Pleasant outdoor setting


  • Access to water

  • Expensive living costs


  • Traffic


  • Susceptibility to floods


  • Things can get bland sometimes


  • Lack of parking space.


Ready to discuss each point made? Come on!

Pros of Living in Annapolis MD

  • Small town vibe. Although this is entirely subjective, there’s no denying that many people would want to escape from the bustle of metro life. Luckily, Annapolis offers just that. Tired of gigantic structures that remind you of work? You’ll love it here where most of the buildings are no more than 3-stories tall. The trees dotting several corners also add up to the peaceful ambiance of the place.
  • Fantastic food scene. When it comes to satisfying your palate, Annapolis doesn’t disappoint. There are so many restaurants serving various cuisines that you’ll lose count within the first week of your stay. Whether you’re longing for a cake, tacos, a steaming-hot pizza, exotic seafood, barbeque, or a simple cup of coffee, all you need to do is look around and find the eatery to satisfy your cravings.
  • Healthy economy. Don’t let the lack of high-rises fool you. Annapolis is home to many wealthy people. Seriously. The median household income is $83,948, and at least 19% of the households earn $100K – $150K a year. Wonder why? That’s because many of them run retail businesses, accommodation services, mining, or work in developing industrial equipment for the National Security Agency.
  • Pleasant outdoor setting. To add to its charming atmosphere, Annapolis also features remarkable attractions and recreational options. Visit the William Paca House and Garden, where you’ll find the prettiest gardens in town. The Banneker-Douglass Museum offers a comprehensive tour of African American history in Maryland. Spend the weekends with your family at the 340-acre Quiet Waters Park with winding trails, shaded paths, and grassy fields.
  • Access to water. This could’ve been included in the point above, but honestly, Annapolis’s waterfront deserves a discussion of its own. In addition to charming beaches, you can enjoy sailing trips, coral reef explorations, and kayaking. Plus, the ocean isn’t the only source of fun in the city. You’ll also appreciate fishing in the small creeks that’ll surely present you with a good catch.

Alright. Since you’ve had a glimpse of the good stuff already, it’s to tackle the flaws that hold back Annapolis.

Cons of Living in Annapolis MD

  • Expensive living costs. This isn’t surprising considering that most of the population earns decently. That said, the median home cost in Annapolis is $473,271, and the average rent is $1,757 per month. On the bright side, transportation is somewhat cheap in the city thanks to its closely-gridded streets.
  • Dense traffic. Even after being around for more than 300 years, Annapolis hasn’t changed much. Much of the classic architecture remains, including the roads. On top of that, the fact that it’s a peninsula only makes things worse since there’ll only be fewer entry points from the mainland to the city. This results in horrible traffic, especially during the rush hours.
  • Susceptibility to floods. The thing that sucks about waterfronts is the water itself. As old as it is, Annapolis was built on a low slab of land. Of course, it would be impractical to raise the entire city. So with climate change ravaging the earth, water levels continue to rise, causing flooding problems for Annapolians during the rainy season.
  • Things can get bland sometimes. Again, this is another example of a subjective con. You won’t have to worry if you love solitude and have a minimalistic approach to life. However, this lack of action isn’t built for everyone. Some people will find Annapolis dull and repetitive.
  • Lack of parking. While Annapolis’s robust tourism and thriving economy are promising signs of progress, the growing population can make things complicated. More and more people come in with cars. Eventually, the day will come when there won’t be enough space for everyone. Presently, you’ll have to pay for a parking permit for most vacant spots in the city.

With so much to love and so little to hate, it’s not surprising that lots of Baltimoreans move to Annapolis.

Wrapping Your Move

With so much to love and so little to hate, it’s not surprising that lots of Baltimoreans move to Annapolis. If you’re one of them, remember that your move’s success will primarily depend on manpower. Luckily, there’s no shortage of outstanding Annapolis movers nowadays. Just make sure you understand the process to make things flow easier.

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