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How to Plan for Moving into Your First Home or Apartment

You never forget your first independent living situation. Even if your parent’s home is nicer and more spacious than your new apartment, the feeling of having a place to call your own is indescribable. Here’s how to plan for moving into your first home or apartment.

1. Find transportation

You need something bigger than your sedan if you’re planning on moving furniture into your new place. At least one truck is needed, depending on how much you must move. You could rent a moving truck or hire a company. If you choose to hire a moving company, you should reserve it as soon as possible. They can be in high demand, especially in the summer. Be clear about much you are moving and when you need to move. Once you have them booked, start going through your items and decide what’ll be worth packing and what you can donate or throw away.

2. Set up utilities

Even before you have your keys, you need to set up utilities. These will likely include gas and/or electric energy and water. Less urgent, but still important, are cable and internet service. If this is your first time applying for these services, there might be a credit check. Check your credit score to make sure it’s healthy.

3. Get help

Even if you can rent a truck, you should still try to get help from friends. Having multiple hands on deck can make everything go much smoother. Don’t take your friends’ help for granted. You should compensate them fairly. For instance, you could buy them lunch or owe them each a favor. Ask them for help well in advance of the move-in date. It’s a privilege to have friends willing to help, and you shouldn’t take advantage of them. Alternatively, save your loved ones the headache and hire a full-service mover.

4. Understand your lease

Your lease is your agreement with your landlord or rental agency. Before you sign, you should read it over as carefully as possible to understand what is expected of you as a tenant. Most leases are broken down with specific sections that are easy to understand. The terms are also easy to follow. Keep a copy of your lease around and refer to whenever you are unsure about something.

5. Make sure everything works

Whether you’re living in a studio apartment or a mansion, there are minimum standards for proper living. Everything should function properly and there should be no serious signs of damage. When you first tour the apartment or house, look for any noticeable flaws. You should ask the landlord or rental company about their plans for remedying any problems.

Moving into your first home or apartment is a way to show just how responsible you are. Between moving your items, setting up utilities, and getting things set up, you have a lot to keep in mind. You can’t afford to procrastinate on any of it. With this guide, you’ll know how to make your moving process as easy as possible.

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