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How to Turn On or Transfer Baltimore City Utilities Services

Getting settled into your new home in Baltimore should ideally be a seamless process, especially if you enlist a local moving service. After the long task of getting your belongings packed, shipped, and positioned in your new home, the last thing you want is to flick on the light switch or twist your faucet to no avail. Fortunately, modern technology has made the process of getting your utilities transferred or turned on a simple matter. Here’s everything you need to know about starting utility services in Baltimore.


As in most cities, water and sewage services in Baltimore are handled by the municipal government. That means that you won’t have to compare providers to get the service you need. If you’re renting a property, chances are that your landlord will handle your billing, and new homeowners should receive their bill automatically in the mail. Water is billed quarterly, and you can access your information directly through the user portal by providing your account number and address.


The electricity market in Maryland is deregulated, so Baltimore has a whole host of electrical service providers offering competitive rates. Baltimore Gas and Electric is far and away the largest of these, but the other options available will depend on your location. Even if you’re moving within the city, it behooves you to evaluate the options available to see if you can get a better rate. Choose Energy lets you enter your zip code and compare rates directly. Once you’ve settled on a provider, most companies allow you to review your account and pay your balance directly through their online portal.


Not all modern homes use natural gas, so you’ll want to speak to your landlord or investigate your home closely to see if any of your appliances are attached to a natural gas line. If you do need natural gas, keep in mind that Baltimore’s deregulation laws apply to gas providers as well. Contract terms are locked in for either one or five years, so weigh your options carefully. The market isn’t as expansive as it is for electric service, and the largest provider by far is Baltimore Gas and Electric, but you can find a thorough list of all the natural gas companies here.

Cable and Internet

Over a dozen internet and cable companies service Baltimore, but the biggest names are Verizon, Xfinity, and Spectrum. If you’re looking for both internet and cable service, they’re the people to go to. All these providers have a comprehensive coverage area and offer package deals for both services. If you need more specialized service, many of the smaller providers can offer cheaper rates for more limited packages. You can find comparisons for the available service providers here.


Trash collection in Baltimore is overseen by the Department of Public Works, and pickups are scheduled on a weekly basis. Your trash collection service should be initiated automatically with your move, so there’s no need to sign up for service directly. You can check their site and enter your address to find out the collection schedule in your neighborhood. Recycling is similarly automated, and there’s no limit to how much recycling you can put out. Your collectors will sort your recycling for you, so there’s no need to separate your glass from your paper.

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